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Long awaited goodbye to the Flash-based My Oracle Support

I came to know from Marc Fielding’s post that the Flash-based My Oracle Support is finally on the way out. Just the kind of good news to brighten up a Tuesday morning. Ever since it was introduced in 2009 with noble intentions, Flash-based MOS has had more critics than supporters. And with HTML5 starting to kill off Adobe Flash, it was about time MOS realised that the Flash-based version had to go.

The HTML version of MOS, is available for user acceptance testing while the Flash-based version will continue to be available. As the kinks get ironed out MOS should finally transition into the HTML version in the near future.

Speaking of kinks, there already seems to be one since the HTML version does not work in Google Chrome(16.0.912.77). It works fine in Internet Explorer(8) and Firefox(7.0.1) though.

Update: Now, works on Google Chrome too 🙂

And here is an example of one of those annoying bugs in the Flash-version(observed using Firefox and Chrome):

1. Log on MOS, enter a search term in the search box on the top-right corner and click on the search icon.
2. After the results are displayed, another search box is displayed on the left hand side of the page. Click on the ‘Advanced’ link for this search box.
3. In the Advanced search section that is displayed, select a relevant ‘Product’ to refine your search and click on ‘Search’.
4. You will notice that the area of the page where the Advanced search section was displayed in the previous step is now blank and the search results are visible below the blank area.

Do I need to tell you explicitly that the HTML does not exhibit this buggy behaviour?

Thank you Flash-based MOS, your short-lived, bug-ridden life is almost over. Welcome HTML MOS.


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