Oracle Apps Notes

A collection of my random notes, primarily on Oracle Apps

What ate up my hard disk space in Windows 7?

I was quite surprised today to see that out of the 188GB allotted to the C: drive in my Windows 7 laptop, only around 16GB was free. This was surprising since the total size of all the files and folders(including hidden ones) turned out to be around 157GB. So where did the ~15GB of hard disk space go? What ate it up?

Cleaning up files through Disk Clean up did not help either. I was rolling up my sleeves to search the Internet for some solutions when I thought of checking out the System Restore option. Turns out that System Restore was using up more than 13GB of space for storing innumerable restore points, most of which I did not need. Thankfully, there was an option to specify the maximum amount of space to be used for storing restore points and setting this to an optimum value meant that I could reclaim around 12GB from being used to store unnecessary restore points.

End result, the C: drive now has 28GB of free space!


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