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Monthly Archives: August 2014

EBS BI Publisher tables

I faced some issues recently where I had to check the date when the RTF template, data template and bursting control file of a BI Publisher report in Oracle EBS were last updated. The following tables came in handy and I am jotting them down here lest I forget.

  • XDO_TEMPLATES_B – Stores the report template details
  • XDO_DS_DEFINITIONS_B – Stores the data template details
  • XDO_LOBS – Stores the bursting control file details
--template file
select * from apps.xdo_templates_b where template_code = 'Report_Code';
--data template
select * from apps.xdo_ds_definitions_b where data_source_code = 'Report_Code';
--bursting file
select * from apps.xdo_lobs where LOB_CODE = 'Report_Code';