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Invoking BI Publisher Web services from BPEL Process to run a report

BI Publisher exposes four public Web services which can be used to perform a variety of activities including running a report.

The screenshot below is of a simple SOA composite which calls the runReport() method on the ReportService Web service to run a report with parameters. While Oracle’s official documentation is sufficient enough to make this a trivial exercise but there are still a couple of points to remember which is why this blog post is here in the first place.


Here is the entire synchronous BPEL process.

BPEL Process

The AssignValues activity assigns the values required for running the report. I am hard-coding most of the values except for the reportAbsolutePath which I am passing as an input to BPEL process request. The reportAbsolutePath, of course, is the report path in the Catalog Folders in BI Publisher.


In the TransformInput activity, I am again hard-coding the parameters required for the BI Publisher report and mapping them to the variable that will be passed to  the Web service. But more importantly, this activity is required for two reasons:

  • The call to the BI Publisher Web service should not contain any empty tags otherwise it will throw errors. So, I am mapping only the non-empty elements to the target variable which will be passed during the call to the Web service.
  • One of the parameters for the runReport() method is the ReportRequest.  The ReportRequest data type in turn contains the item data type which stores the name-value pair for a report parameter. If multiple parameters need to be passed to a report, the item node  must be duplicated.



The AssignSuccessMessage concatenates the elements in the response returned by the call to the ReportService and assigns it to the response message of the BPEL process.


That is about it. As I mentioned earlier it is a pretty simple process and the only thing that you need to take care of is that you are not passing any empty tags in the Web service call.


BI Publisher Desktop – MS Word add-in not visible

If the MS Word add-in is not visible after installing BI Publisher Desktop, the following steps might help:

  1. In MS Word, go to File > Options > Advanced > General section > Click on the File Locations button
  2. Modify the location for Startup files and point it to your BI Publisher installation directory

Alternatively, you can also try copying the file to the existing Startup file location but I haven’t tested this option.

EBS BI Publisher tables

I faced some issues recently where I had to check the date when the RTF template, data template and bursting control file of a BI Publisher report in Oracle EBS were last updated. The following tables came in handy and I am jotting them down here lest I forget.

  • XDO_TEMPLATES_B – Stores the report template details
  • XDO_DS_DEFINITIONS_B – Stores the data template details
  • XDO_LOBS – Stores the bursting control file details
--template file
select * from apps.xdo_templates_b where template_code = 'Report_Code';
--data template
select * from apps.xdo_ds_definitions_b where data_source_code = 'Report_Code';
--bursting file
select * from apps.xdo_lobs where LOB_CODE = 'Report_Code';