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Oracle is proactive

Invoking BI Publisher Web services from BPEL Process to run a report

Default parameter values in package subprograms

Logical operators in RETURN clause of a function

BI Publisher Desktop – MS Word add-in not visible

Prevent users from uploading specific files in Oracle EBS

Which Fusion Middleware components are installed in my system?

What the Expression Language test button actually tests in the Fusion Application Page Composer

EBS BI Publisher tables

Custom Commands in WinSCP

Notes on Extracting the Day of the Week

Outbound Customer Interface Using Business Events – The Bare Bones

The Case of the Disappearing Error

Use the Oracle Database to Fetch Cricket Scores Through PL/SQL

Changing Oracle HRMS Installing from FULL to SHARED

Comparing current EBS installation with 12.1.3

Dynamically enabling and disabling Concurrent Program Parameters

What ate up my hard disk space on Windows 7

Finding the name of a DFF in a seeded Form

Handling the sort event in Advanced Tables


Upgrade APEX 3.2.1 to 4.1.1 on Oracle Database 11gR2

Configure APEX in Oracle Databse 11gR2

Interacting with SQL and PL/SQL from shell scripts

Enabling access to Oracle Forms-based Applications Diagnostics Menu

Reclaiming reserved space using tune2fs

All about Host Concurrent Programs

Oracle external tables – A few examples

Long awaited goodbye to the Flash-based My Oracle Support

Handy Notes-II

Installing Oracle 11gR2 on RHEL 5(running on Oracle VirtualBox)

An interesting observation about the filehandle in UTL_FILE

E-Mail using PL/SQL and Gmail

Make all responsibilities read-only for a user

Making Service Request form view-only for specific responsibility

Using Web ADI to create Service Request

Airtel ADSL Modem(Beetel) with Linksys Wireless Router

Handy Notes-I

Sample codes for Customer Interface(RACUST) and TCA API

Calendar LOV for date parameters in Concurrent Programs – A workaround

Oracle E-Business Suite 11i on Oracle VirtualBox

Sample code for creating task using jtf_tasks_pub.create_task API

Invoking a Web Service from seeded Oracle EBS form through PL/SQL

Sample code for Service Request and Task APIs

Accessing Oracle Forms from Workflow(and a nifty Personalization)

Customizing Spreadtables

Read-Only DFF Segments

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