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Which Fusion Middleware components are installed in my system?

A quick note to self and everyone coming here:

To find out which Fusion Middleware components are installed in your system (and their corresponding version details), open the registry.xml file under $MW_HOME. As shown in the picture below, all installed components, their versions and installed paths are available in the file. registry_sample

What the Expression Language test button actually tests in the Fusion Application Page Composer

So you are customizing a page in Fusion Applications using the Page Composer. You come up with a nice way of using the Expression Language to hide a field dynamically based on the value of another field on the page. You type an expression in the Show Component property of the field and click on the Test button. And… Oops! It did not return the expected value. You check and double check the expression. It looks fine. You are starting to wonder whether this is a bug. But then something strikes you. You think you know what is happening. You check and confirm your hunch. You condense the lesson you learn in the picture below:

Expression Language

EBS BI Publisher tables

I faced some issues recently where I had to check the date when the RTF template, data template and bursting control file of a BI Publisher report in Oracle EBS were last updated. The following tables came in handy and I am jotting them down here lest I forget.

  • XDO_TEMPLATES_B – Stores the report template details
  • XDO_DS_DEFINITIONS_B – Stores the data template details
  • XDO_LOBS – Stores the bursting control file details
--template file
select * from apps.xdo_templates_b where template_code = '<Report Code>';
--data template
select * from apps.xdo_ds_definitions_b where data_source_code = '<Report Code>';
--bursting file
select * from apps.xdo_lobs where LOB_CODE = '<Report Code>';

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